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ABS blister machine

ABS blister machine

The use of sheet metal forming technology, the integrated design of equipment, machine, electricity and gas, programmable logic controller (PLC) control, man-machine interface operation, near (far) infrared rapid heating, and local temperature can be achieved according to the size and shape of the forming area Tune,
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Product Details

ABS blister machine uses sheet molding technology, equipment integration, electrical and pneumatic design, programmable logic controller (PLC) control, man-machine interface operation, near (far) infrared rapid heating, according to the size and shape of the molding area Realize local temperature adjustment, 30% energy saving than the previous blister machine, concave and convex molds can be formed, the whole machine structure adopts independent innovative humanized design, and an automatic loading and unloading system can be added according to user needs to realize automatic loading and unloading functions.

The automatic ABS car body shell thick sheet vacuum forming machine is composed of a pressing system, a heating system, a temperature control system, a mold table lifting system, a vacuum system, an inflation cooling system, and an electrical control system.

ABS blister machine is suitable for vacuum blister forming various plastic products of thick thermoplastic sheets. Can be manufactured in the corresponding molds: vehicle and ship decorations, household appliances, door panels, lighting, luggage, decorative parts, furniture, sanitary ware, lamps, toys, teaching equipment, art advertisements, traffic signs, pallet liners, etc. Products.

Structural features:

1. It adopts the combination of pneumatic, mechanical and electrical boxes to realize automatic work such as clamping, heating and forming, with high production efficiency and convenient operation.

2. It is easy to load and save materials with less molding waste.

3. It is suitable for punch molding with large molding height and stable product quality.

4. The heater uses a new type of far-infrared heating element, which automatically controls the temperature, uniform heating and low energy consumption.

5. The upper mold base adopts electric limit adjustment, realizing quick and convenient adjustment.

6. The machine is equipped with an air-cooling device, which can make the products cool faster and have a good shape.

7. The electrical control is easy to operate and can adapt to different positions and different angles of operation.

working principle:

Using the thermoplasticity of the plastic sheet, it is heated and softened, and after being blown, it is vacuum molded in the mold to become the desired product.

The working process is clamping-heating-forming-products

main application

1. Plastic packaging industry (blister packaging, plastics, batteries, toys, gifts, hardware, home appliances, electronics, stationery, decoration)

2. Food packaging industry (fast food boxes, fruit trays, biscuit boxes)

3. Pharmaceutical industry (pill packaging, tablet packaging)

4. Industrial cooling tower cooling water deflector, etc.

5. Three-dimensional relief patterns for decoration, plastic ceilings, wall panels, automotive materials, sanitary equipment and other manufacturing industries.

6. Suitable for the production of various color sheets: polyethylene PS, polyvinyl chloride PVC, plexiglass, ABS, polymethyl methacrylate; flocking sheets; environmentally friendly sheets APET, PET, PP, etc.; photodegradable materials; Plastic products such as biodegradable materials.

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