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Acrylic Bending Machine

Acrylic Bending Machine

Applicable industry: Acrylic and various plastic pipe elbows. Scope of application: The machine can be used for acrylic, PVC pipes, and plastic pipes. Technical parameters: Voltage: 220V Power: 4000W Effective bending width: 1000mm Effective bending length
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Product Details

Product Name: Acrylic Bending Machine

Whether to provide customized processing: Yes

Type: Pipe bending machine

Brand: Zeye Model Bending Machine ZY-3012

Main motor power: 1.5 (kw) Weight: 120 (kg)

Machinable size: 1200 (mm) slider stroke adjustment 1200 (mm) principle cold forming shear angle 180

Shearing times: 7-12 (times/min) power type pneumatic

Control form: CNC action target material Acrylic and other various plastic sheets Applicable scope General applicable industry General

Product Type: New Whether Inventory: Yes

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Features of Acrylic Bending Machine:

The bending machine produced by our factory adopts numerical control operation, with automatic temperature regulation and temperature control. Water circulation cooling and pneumatic pressure effectively improve the work efficiency of operators. This machine can process plastic sheets of various materials, such as acrylic sheets, PVC sheets, PE sheets, PP sheets, ABS sheets, etc.

Technical Parameters:

■Heating power 1.5KW

■Rated voltage AC-220V 50HZ ■Heating plate thickness 1mm——8mm ■Bending angle 0-179 degrees adjustable

The special quartz tube heating method is adopted, the heating speed is fast and the service life is prolonged.

★The working voltage can be adjusted at will to ensure the heating requirements of different thickness plates and avoid the phenomenon of pasting.

Production range:

Decorate the exhibition hall, the bottom of the billboard, the square pillars, the cylindrical doors, the sides of doors and windows,

Bending of acrylic or plastic panels such as display cabinets, supermarket shelves, curtain walls, and large light boxes.

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