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PVC pipe bender

PVC pipe bender

Product name: Acrylic PVC pipe bending machine Applicable industry: Acrylic and various plastic pipe bending industry Application scope: The machine can be added. Acrylic, PVC pipe, plastic pipe. Technical parameters: Voltage: 220V Power: 5000 watts effective
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Product Details

Product name: AcrylicPVCBender

Applicable industries: Acrylic and various plastic pipe bending industries

Range of use: The machine can be added. Acrylic, PVC pipe, plastic pipe.

Technical Parameters:

Voltage: 220V

Power: 5000 watts

Effective hot bending width: 10-100mm

Effective bending length: unlimited

Heating temperature: 300 degrees

Bending angle: mold setting

Each bending time: 100 seconds

Machinable pipe thickness: 0.1mm-10mm

Pressure of die pressing rod: 0KG-800KG

Working speed of die pressing rod: 1″-10″/time (adjustable)

Performance characteristics:

The product's unique energy-saving insulation device can increase the heat utilization rate by more than 40 compared with other manufacturers' machines.

At the same time of automatic bending, the heater is shifted and the power is cut off, so that the pipe cooling and shaping are faster, more energy-saving, and the operation is more reasonable and more user-friendly.

The company's special multifunctional positioning protractor makes the bending angle adjustable, controllable, accurate and convenient.

The company's unique heating and uniform temperature device makes the pipe heated more evenly.

The heating width is adjustable, making arc bending more convenient and more widely used.

The water circulation automatic cooling system makes the machine have linear heating function.

The equipment is easy to operate and highly efficient.

The equipment table is made of thick stainless steel molds to ensure that the bending machine will not be worn or scratched during the production process.

The mold pressing rod is equipped with a pneumatic device, which has accurate positioning and high work efficiency.

The equipment is designed with automatic mold advancement, which is convenient, simple and accurate in bending.

Control air pressure system, stable performance and durable.

The machine's unique dual-leakage automatic protection function is safe to use.

The equipment is equipped with parallel moving positioning levers and platform scales, and the positioning of the bending length is accurate.

Professional anti-corrosion surface treatment technology, the surface coating will last forever.

Integrated high-strength rack, stable working performance, convenient transportation and installation

Novel appearance design: beautiful, generous and practical.

There is a temperature adjustment function. The heating temperature of the heating device can be adjusted according to the pipe variety, thickness, material and other requirements. So as to improve the processing quality of the machine

There is a timing function. The working time of the heating device can be set according to the requirements of the plate variety, thickness, material, etc. Thereby improving the processing quality of the machine and reducing the operation of workers.

Finished product display:

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