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The development history of the power system of the automatic blister machine!

Automatic blister machineIt is a mechanical pipe bender with a wide range of applications. It is a machine with a wide range of applications, ranging from a small part of a refrigerator to a large open pipe bending. With the improvement of the technical level of various industries, new requirements have been put forward for the precision of the pipe bender and the composite processing technology. The working principle of the elbow is to apply the bending moment through the highway fulcrum and the stress point, so that the steel pipe will be plastically deformed, so as to achieve the purpose of the cold pipe bending machine. On the frame, use the spreader to introduce the steel pipe from the back of the elbow machine into the lower mold through the clamp and the upper mold, and put the inner tube into the steel pipe and place it in the center of the upper mold. Avoid abnormal deformation during the elbow process.

In the development of the pipe bender, the power source of the pipe bender has been continuously improved. The main power source of the early manual pipe bending material is the labor of a single or multiple operators. The processed product is generally a small pipe. This kind of processing The production efficiency is low, the precision is insufficient, and the tube type is limited. With the development of modern technology and the improvement of industrial level, some high-performance pipe benders such as CNC pipe bender and three-dimensional hydraulic pipe bender have been developed and researched. There are generally three main driving modes of these pipe benders: motor drive, hydraulic drive, and motor-hydraulic hybrid drive.

Motor drive: In today's modern industry, most of the power sources of mechanisms and devices are driven by motors, which provide power for the basic actions of the entire device. In the process of power transmission, the motor provides the source power. There are many ways to drive gears, racks, cams, connecting rods and other mechanisms through the motor to design a pipe bender that meets the requirements according to the situation.

Hydraulic drive: With the continuous development of industrial technology, hydraulic drive technology is one of the fastest-growing technologies in mechanical equipment, especially in recent years, it has entered a new stage of development. Hydraulic transmission and control systems are widely used in all walks of life because of their large transmission power, good control accuracy, fast response speed, and easy realization of motor-liquid integrated control. The hydraulic pipe bender powered by hydraulic pressure is a new type of pipe bending mechanism, which has the advantages of reasonable structure, convenient operation, safe use, fast loading and unloading, and one machine with multiple functions.

Motor-hydraulic hybrid drive: Although the hydraulic elbow has the advantages of large transmission power, high control accuracy, and fast response speed, it also has some shortcomings, such as: due to excessive operator actions, low production efficiency; large machine losses, use Short life span; requires many operators, high labor costs, and high product costs. Therefore, in further research, it is recommended to use a motor-hydraulic hybrid drive in order to adopt a reasonable drive method based on the advantages of the motor and the hydraulic pressure, reduce production costs, increase production efficiency, and improve processing accuracy.

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